Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never think twice to express a good thing

Everyone think about their future & do hard works. But whatever we do no will never know whether we will be alive in the next minute. No one can predict it. But we live with a hope that we will be alive. That is why we postpone matters in our life. There are times we want to appreciate a person or wanna say something and due to some reason we will not express it or postpone it. 

When person is alive normally people tries to dig their loopholes & always tries to find faults. But same time when he/she dies the same people who used to find fault will start to praise them. I think most of us would have experienced this kind of scenarios. What is the purpose or what is the use in telling good about a person when that person cannot hear. If can tell that same goodness when that person is alive that will make happier & also increase the bond in between any relationships. We do not loose anything by telling a goodness or appreciating others. 

Most of the time what happens was people used to find the mistakes of others easily & will never express the good thing though they realize it. We all may do that mistakes at times. What i think was always it is better to think twice before expressing a fault about a person. Because a word can hurt more than a wound. But no need to think twice to appreciate a person or express a good thing or to express the happiness. That will encourage the other person and also will make any relationship more healthier. 


  1. I cannot agree with you more here.

    It is always the case where people tend to find faults of others every time without appreciating the good they have done.

    Everybody is not the same and some might be even has faults and habits we cannot change.

    The way to go is to accept people for who they are. Then both parties will be happy and better bonds, relationships will be created.

  2. I agree with u in "need to like the people as they are" also as u said all are not same.. but most of the people are waiting until to find a fault of others..

  3. This is very funny when people talks about lots of goods even after a gangstar has died. I have enjoyed this many times.