Thursday, June 23, 2011

Facebook (FB)

Nowadays Facebook is one of the most popular social network & most popular word among youngsters. Like phone number nowadays one of the most common question which is asked when people are meeting is, "do u have a Facebook account?". From small to elder mostly all tends to create an account in FB. Though their is a age restriction as above 18, actually there is no use in that. All the people who are below 18 they create their account with a fake date of birth. 

As in everything in FB also there are advantages & disadvantages. 

As main advantages we can list the below,

  • It helps to connect with the people who lost touch & with the old pals.
  • To share photos & to chat with all the loved once who are near by as well as far away.
  • At times, to share the thoughts & to share opinions.
  • An Entertainment (But nowadays beyond the entertainment mostly all of us have become addicted for it)
  • Also can tell as a cost effective way of communication, especially to communicate with the people who are in abroad.With the globalization all of us used to spend more time with computers & internet.Comparing with before at present chatting, mailing, etc are most popular than phone calls & text. This helps to keep a good interconnection between our loved once especially who are faraway. Via FB easily can share all the photo albums & the comments.
Likewise we can tell much more advantages. Also as major disadvantages can classify below,

  • FB is a main way to grow the relationship with unknown & known people. At times it can be an advantage. But i think mainly as a disadvantage. Some used to add all the unknown people and sometimes we add people whom we know but who are not close or not good friends. FB is a way of chat & to get to know more about them. It will start with sharing the personal details & mostly will end up in the direct meet. There are so many love affairs too, which is started in this way. Most of the times these things can cause unwanted problems than the good in it.
  • FB we can say it as a hobby or a way of entertainment. But nowadays this has become an essential thing in our day to day life. People have become addicted for it. For some FB is like a food. The way how food is important to live, FB is also important. 
  • Mostly all used to share photo albums in FB. In a way this a bit dangerous & insecure. Though we have made privacy settings, a person can access & take the photos through a another persons account. This is help to misuse the photos. 
Likewise can list down much more advantages & disadvantages of FB. Another main thing which i noticed with some people is, If we continuously read their status we can get to know their whole life. It is like a live telecast. From bathing  to sleeping every thing will be updated including the personal problems. I have no idea what to call for this & also have a very big question why they want to share all their personals with all the people, specially problems. May be they might feel a relieve like talking with someone. 

Nothing is bad if we used it with a limit in an appropriate way.  I think FB is good way to keep in touch with known people & always it is better not to add unknown people. Specially chatting with unknown & less known people & sharing the personal things may cause serious problems in the future. So always it is better to  make a limit & a control when using the social networks. 


  1. Liked this post too. I was also addicted to FB and then I deactivated my account and right now I dont have any account there. I have my friends around which are enough share and chat via phones and texts. However still it is necessary. But I also do have a question why people like to share all their personal problems and moments with unknown people? The answer you gave to this may be the right one, but I do think its a kind of addiction....A new kind of..!!!!

  2. Hey thanks for your comments.. Ya FB is also a kind of a Drug :)

  3. I enjoyed reading this. Good Thinking :)