Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vegetarian Vs Non vegitarian

Being a vegetarian or non vegetarian is purely based on the individual preference. No one got the right to influence another in this case. If you don't like to eat specific meat you can stay away from it. But it is not good to look another person in a bad way who eat the meat which you do not. And here i am not talking about which is healthy or unhealthy.

As a Sri lankan few months back & even now we get to hear/see most of the people do protest against eating beef. The major point in this is, the people who protest are not vegetarian(majority) they do eat fish, chicken,sea food,etc. But they are against eating beef.  Is it because cow is big in look & chicken or fish is small in body size? 

Are u a vegetarian or non vegetarian? what would be your answer. I have seen many people who answer "yes i am vegetarian, i eat only egg & fish". I don't know what to say for those people. 

All the creatures on this earth rather universe are same. Fish/chicken/cow/goat or whatever the animal,when dying all might feel the same pain. Since fish is small it doesn't mean fish will get less pain when dying. what sort of logic is this.

Christians mostly eat pork, beef, chicken anything. But Muslims mostly do not eat pork. Hindus & Buddhist do not eat beef. It can be their religious view or personal perception or whatever you call i got no objection or questions in that. But since you don't eat particular meat you should not look bad at the other person who eat the stuffs which you do not.. I have seen many people here ins sri lanka doing that. For example a person who don't eat pork or beef see the person who eat pork/beef in a bad way. Even they feel bad to eat any other meal from the house which they cook pork/beef. Is it correct?

Some countries they used to eat rat,cockroaches, snake, etc. Since i am not used to eat those stuffs i cant say those are disgusting or i hate the people who eat those. May be they feel the same for chicken, fish, etc.

As i said earlier it totally based on individual wish or perception. If you don't like stay away. But please do not try to control another person's habit. 

I am a non vegetarian and to be honest sometimes i feel bad for eating non veg. That sometime is not the time when i eat (lol) . When i eat i forget all & i used to eat. other times only feel bad. But i don't think i can ever be a vegetarian because i hardly prefer vegetarian dishes :) 


  1. Agreed Didi. Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh are no different. People and their views are mostly the same.

    I support the logic of vegetarians about plants and animals.
    I do not support the logic of non-vegetarians about plants and animals.

    And, I am a non-vegetarians and really can't pass a whole week without meat, even I do no like fish, it's meat what I need.

    However, everyone should concentrate on what they are eating and not on what others. They should no look for chances to influence others to the what they do.

    Peace is desired. :(

    1. Totally agree with you. And you said "And, I am a non-vegetarians and really can't pass a whole week without meat, even I do no like fish, it's meat what I need." that is myself also. hehe

    2. But I heard Sri Lankans like fish more than meat.

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